Magnum 1000k Silver

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PK-Bin K337

Product Overview

Magnum 1000k Silver

A male sexual enhancement product that is going to take your experience to a different level, prepare to be taken to the nirvana of sexual experience. Buyer beware however, you may need some lubricant for how intense your erection will be. Magnum 1000k Silver is unlike any other common sexual enhancement pill that you will find on the market... why? It actually works, not to throw any shade or anything but most of those pills that make these wild claims do not actually do anything, they are just glorified sugar pills that you are wasting valuable money on, the money wasting is over, you can expect to feel the following from our product...

  • Throbbing erections
  • Toe curling orgasms
  • Satisfaction for both you AND your partner

If those benefits alone were not enough to sell you, frankly I don't know what will, if you buy this product and you are satisfied with it I would recommend that you also try some of our other amazing products such as...


(No reviews yet) Write a Review