Imperial Zen Gold 50K | Liquid Shot

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PK-Bin R338

Product Overview

Imperial Gold 50k

A liquid shot that is guaranteed to bring you the best sex of your life to your bedroom, there is no other product on the market like the ones that we at Get The Ruler sell, Imperial Gold 50k is a great alternative to the Imperial Silver 50k Liquid Shot that has brought smiles and throbbing erections to many men accross the US. Imperial Gold 50k is unlike any other product, it is not an empty promise of a better sex life with no results, no sir, this product will skyrocket your sex life to an entirely different level. You can expect...

  • Erections lasting for hours
  • Last for multiple rounds
  • Harder and easier erections

There is no other sexual enhancement product that you should invest your money towards, we carry the top of the line. Maybe you are not interested in liquid shots or maybe you are looking for some lube to make things all the more easier. Here are some helpful places to go...



(No reviews yet) Write a Review