Everything You Wanted to Know About Female Sexual Enhancement Pills

Dec 14th 2020

Everything You Wanted to Know About Female Sexual Enhancement Pills

It's common for sexual desire in women to go up and down throughout and years. Different factors in your life, health or otherwise, can have an effect on your libido. While this may seem discouraging, the good news is that there are female sexual enhancement pills.

While most people are familiar with viagra, they don't think that there is a version for women. Well, there definitely are! They're often referred to as the "little pink pills" and although they're not as well known, there's a growth in popularity

So if you're curious about the little pink pills and want to know more, keep on reading. 

What Causes Low Sex Drive?

There are many reasons why women may have a low sex drive. While it's healthy and normal for sexual desire to fluctuate if the lack of desire is ongoing for over six months, it's time to consider treatment. The causes of a low sex drive can be both emotional or physical.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to pinpoint an exact cause. Look at some of the physical reasons your sex drive might be abnormally low:

  • diabetes
  • certain medications like anti-depressants
  • decreased estrogen or testosterone levels
  • exhaustion from a busy schedule
  • arthritis
  • hormonal changes during or after pregnancy
  • coronary artery disease

Some of the emotional causes of a low sex drive:

  • anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem
  • history of sexual abuse
  • trust issues with partner

If you feel like your symptoms and the potential causes apply to you, you might want to visit a doctor. They'll conduct a pelvic exam and blood test which can narrow down any potential causes. Even if you don't think there is a specific reason, there's treatment available. 

Treatment for Low Sex Drive

If you feel like your symptoms aren't too severe and you just need a little pick-me-up, consider natural remedies. This can be the usual beneficial things, like exercise, but it can also include therapy to tackle any emotional blocks you may have.

If you do decide to go to the doctor, you'll likely be prescribed sexual enhancement pills. There are currently two options on the market that are FDA approved. 

The first one is Flibanserin or Addyi, this is a pill you take every evening. The second is Bremelanotide or Vyleesi, it's a shot you give yourself in the thigh or belly. You do it 45 minutes before you have sex. 

How Do They Work?

Both of these drugs work by activating neurotransmitters, which are chemical messengers in your brain. These are the things that are mainly responsible for helping you feel aroused. Essentially, they work by getting you in the mood. Along with this medication

Outside of visiting a doctor for medication, consider over the counter sexual enhancement pills. 

Best Female Sexual Enhancement Pills

Save yourself a trip to the doctors and try out over the counter sexual enhancement pills. There's a variety of options on the market available today and you'll be sure to find one that switches up your entire sex game. 

Pink Pussycat Pills

One of the most popular pills on the market is the Pink Pussycat Pills. Made with things like goji extract and cinnamon bark, this product boasts about the intense orgasms and maximum arousal you'll have. It also lasts 72 hours!

Kangaroo Pink

Another highly reviewed product, Kangaroo Pink is made with ashwagandha root as well as horny goat weed extract. This will get you, well, wetter wetness and well as enhanced sensitivity. All in an affordable and cute package, what more could you ask for?

Kitty Kat 

Last but not least on this list for best female sexual enhancement pills is Kitty Kat. This is a best seller that acts fast, lasts long, and provides increased lubrication. All you need to do is take one pill with water an hour before sexual activity and voila! 

Where to Buy Pink Pussycat Pills

If the Pink Pussycat pills caught your attention, you might be wondering where you can buy them. You can find a range of all the mentioned pills at our shop. There are also sexual enhancement pills for men. 

Do Male Sex Enhancement Pills Work?

Now that we gave some attention to the ladies, time to discuss male sex enhancement pills. While you may be familiar with viagra, there are several other pills on the market that you can easily purchase to get things going in the bedroom. The real question is, do they work?

Male sexual enhancement pills can do everything from increase sperm volume to give your libido a boost. Most pills are made of natural ingredients and help increase sexual desire. The best results occur when they're used on a regular basis.

If you're curious about what the best male enhancement pills are, you should check out the popular Rhino Sex Pills. These are no-nonsense sex pills that promote rock hard erections and maximized penis length. If you're serious about getting down and dirty, these are the pills for you.

Where to Buy Rhino Pills

If that was enough to sell you on Rhino Pills then be sure to add a couple to your cart. Just like previous sex pills mentioned, you can find them at our online shop. Maybe you and your partner can get a couple of packs and block off a weekend just for yourselves.

Thank You, Come Again 

While it isn't ideal to have an ongoing low sex drive, find comfort in the fact that there are many ways to help change that. No matter dead bedrooms, all you need to do is introduce female sexual enhancement pills to your life. Whether you decide to go for the two prescription options or the many enhancement pills on the market today, you'll be smiling from ear to ear in no time.

If all of this got you ready to check out some enhancement options, go ahead and browse through our products!